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January 12, 2013

Life Changes

A year ago today, I signed up to train for my first marathon.  I still remember the outfit I had on (jeans, a red 3/4 sleeve shirt, olive sweater vest) and the nervous feeling I had.  I called only my best friend to tell him that I’d signed up and, you could tell by the tone in his voice, he had his doubts.  I kept it from most others because I didn’t believe it would happen; I didn’t think I was capable.

Now, running is a part of my every day routine.  When I don’t run, I don’t feel like I’ve done what I’m naturally supposed to do.  In honor of that (ok really it’s just the excuse I came up with after the fact) my dinner tonight consisted of kettle potato chips, chocolate, and cheese…I love those three items.

Tomorrow when I’m running 10miles with my running partner, I KNOW I’ll be in pain because of it.  I think I’ll take on my next challenge, too, for the upcoming year.  I don’t want a six pack, but I want a perfect, flat, fit, strong core.  A year from now, I’ll look back and talk about how I did it.

Impossible is nothing.

For some more inspiration about the power of change in your life, check out this awesome blog post:

“Major changes are intimidating, but think about it — most of the time when you hear somebody talk about making a major change in their life, like changing cities or careers, a year later they’ll say it put them in a far better place. They tell you they don’t know how they lived before.That’s a feeling worth seeking out. That specific feeling — which comes in the wake of a major change — of wondering how you ever got along before.”